City of Sault Ste Marie hosts 2nd public "Shape the Sault" meeting

Nov 27, 2018
Sault Ste. Marie
11/27/18 3:43 PM EST
The city of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada is hosting information sessions to gather public input and answer questions as they plan the future of the city. Tonight is the second of five heritage preservation sessions. The “Shape the Sault" plan covers topics like infrastructure, land use, and development.
11/27/18 4:07 PM EST
City staff set up displays for the information meeting in the basement of St. Andrew’s United Church (712 Wellington Street East). Drop in hours for the meeting are between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
11/27/18 4:11 PM EST
People are arriving and signing in
11/27/18 4:12 PM EST
The official "Shape the Sault" Plan
11/27/18 4:15 PM EST
The "Shape the Sault" four-year Corporate Strategic Plan guides the work of City Council and focuses on: - infrastructure - service delivery - quality of life - community development and partnerships
11/27/18 4:16 PM EST
How Heritage Preservation fits into the official plan
11/27/18 4:17 PM EST
A public open house/information session (like tonight's) will be held for most of the focus areas identified as Heritage preservation.
11/27/18 4:18 PM EST
The current city plan was drafted in 1996. "Shape the Sault" is an attempt to re-establish a vision of the community to 2038. It's goals are to "engage, inform, and inspire the public to give our community a voice."
11/27/18 4:21 PM EST
A list of the policies included in the official plan. All this information is available on the website too.
11/27/18 4:22 PM EST
People exchange stories and histories in The Soo while City staff answer questions and explain the process.
11/27/18 4:23 PM EST
11/27/18 4:23 PM EST
11/27/18 4:24 PM EST
Attendees are encouraged to jot down their own stories of their neighborhoods or send historic photos and anecdotes.
11/27/18 4:27 PM EST
if you'd like to send your own stories, anecdotes, photos, or other historic moments, visit the website or send an email: @shapethesault 705-759-2780
11/27/18 4:27 PM EST
An aerial photo of the Lower Pim neighborhood, one of the proposed locally significant heritage areas.
11/27/18 4:27 PM EST
11/27/18 4:28 PM EST
Proposed locally significant heritage areas include Downtown Queen, Monterey Gardens, Pim Hill, Lower Pim, and the S.L.U.M. area Simpson, Leo, Upton, McGregor. Each area will have an open house session for the community to weigh in.
11/27/18 4:39 PM EST
City staff is on hand to answer questions and direct people to the online forms and cards to share their neighborhood stories.
11/27/18 4:50 PM EST
11/27/18 4:51 PM EST
11/27/18 4:52 PM EST
Proposed official plan policies for locally significant heritage areas.
11/27/18 4:53 PM EST
Evaluation criteria for locally significant heritage areas
11/27/18 4:53 PM EST
Why heritage protection policies are being proposed
11/27/18 4:55 PM EST
11/27/18 4:56 PM EST
Sault Ste Marie circa 1929
11/27/18 4:56 PM EST
Sault Ste Marie circa 1967
11/27/18 5:13 PM EST
11/27/18 5:26 PM EST
City Planner Tonazzo talks about gathering neighborhood stories
11/27/18 5:37 PM EST
Jami van Haaften is on the Municipal Heritage Committee and the sub-committee for Properties of Interest who evaluated all the potential heritage preservation neighborhoods.
11/27/18 5:45 PM EST
11/27/18 5:45 PM EST
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