Dreammakers & Risktakers Award Luncheon Celebrates Tri-Valley Young Innovators

Oct 18, 2018
Dublin High School
Amador Valley High School
Granada High School
Las Positas College
Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program School District
10/18/18 11:42 AM PST
Entering the Palm Event Center for the 8th Annual Dreammakers & Risktakers Awards Luncheon
10/18/18 11:48 AM PST
Neha and Christy join me for a walk around the gorgeous vineyard on this beautiful day!
10/18/18 11:50 AM PST
10/18/18 11:51 AM PST
10/18/18 11:52 AM PST
10/18/18 11:54 AM PST
10/18/18 12:02 PM PST
10/18/18 12:03 PM PST
10/18/18 12:04 PM PST
The ceremony begins!
10/18/18 12:08 PM PST
Lynn Naylor, CEO of the Innovation Tri-Valley Group, introducing our sponsors.
10/18/18 12:09 PM PST
10/18/18 12:18 PM PST
10/18/18 12:22 PM PST
DUSD Superintendent, Leslie Boozer, introducing our DHS awardees, Christy and Neha, for their work creating and developing Stay on Course.
10/18/18 12:26 PM PST
Short clip of Neha and Christy's intro video
10/18/18 12:28 PM PST
Neha and Christy accepting their award with gratitude and a message to youth to dream big!
10/18/18 12:35 PM PST
Natalie Dutra, nominated by Las Positas College, awarded for her work to self publish her novella, The Apple Guardian.
10/18/18 12:43 PM PST
Varsha Madapoosi and Bryan Luo of Amador High School awarded for creating a new innovative recycling and composting program for their school.
10/18/18 12:53 PM PST
Andrew Lau and Ashley Zhuang from Granada High School accepting their award for their successful competition in cybersecurity.
10/18/18 1:00 PM PST
Sarah Whalen of Las Positas Middle College Program wrote and directed the short film, The Risen, that was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival for the Emerging Filmmakers category. She shares a message of empowering more women filmmakers to pursue their dreams and tell stories the way they should be told.
10/18/18 1:08 PM PST
DHS students and Foothill students collaborate through Tri-Valley ROP to develop a working heart valve prototype and accept the final award.
10/18/18 1:19 PM PST
What an extraordinary celebration of our young innovators!
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